Mobile ad fraud detection and prevention

beyond your MMP

Stop click and conversion fraud before, during and after install. Unlock the full potential of your campaigns with our Mobile Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention software.

Apps using SKUDO increase their CRO by 24% and campaign conversion by 32%


Save money

More than $690,000 in total savings over the duration of the campaign.


Fraudulent installs

460,000 fraudulent installs blocked over the duration of the campaign.


Fraudulent events

170,000 fraudulent In-App events blocked over the duration of the campaign.

Why is your MMP not enough?

Your MMP is not immune

MMPs are designed to measure and attribute, not to detect and prevent fraud. Having an attribution partner does not ensure the integrity of your campaigns.

MMPs and Mobile Fraud

MMPs bill for attributed data. If an MMP has an anti-fraud solution, it should be included in your core attribution service. Otherwise, there is a conflict of interest. Don't rely. Save.

Beyond installations

Many MMPs only act at the install level, but in-app events are an easy target for fraudsters. With SKUDO, you're covered.

How SKUDO can help you?

If you don't have MMP

Measure your campaigns and identify which providers and networks work best. The advantages of an MMP, without one.

If you have MMP

Your MMP needs a filter to ensure that your attributions are real. Attribution is not free from fraud.

If you use other antifraud solutions

In other solutions, the price is related to the attributed installations. If you combine SKUDO with your tool, you can lower the final price.

Why choose SKUDO

Completely deterministic approach. Limited raw data and lack of transparency. In addition, the deduction process is completely manual.

Protect360 does not track impressions, has no customizable protection rules or real-time click fraud protection.

Price relates to "attributed installations", even if attribution was incorrect. Need to integrate SDK and keep it on the latest version.

It has no post-installation fraud protection. It does not have an editor panel and does not show full transparency at the data level.

Explore our fraud solutions for a 360º protection

Mobile advertising fraud takes many forms. SKUDO tools prevent and detect the major types of ad fraud and keep your marketing budget ahead of every threat, providing your app with full protection.

Click fraud protection & prevention

Click fraud pollutes campaign data and leads to wasted budgets instead of investing in real results from real people. Shielding your ad spend against click fraud means getting more with less.


App install fraud

A single misattributed install can inflate the value of a source, in turn distorting subsequent events. By protecting your often excessively high CPI campaigns, you will be able to optimize your ROI and detect the channels that give you the best performance.


CPA fraud

Fraudsters manipulate ad data by mimicking legitimate attribution tools and introducing fake events into the app. To combat this, SKUDO employs a multi-layered approach to identify and block fraudulent actions within the app.


Customizable filters

More than 20 filters and controls to set up fraud protection to suit your campaigns.


A tool designed for you and your needs.


Not all businesses are the same. SKUDO’s customization ensures a higher level of fraud filtering.


Real-time multi-layer approach with advanced analysis.

Advanced analysis

Analyze in detail the performance of all your campaigns in real time. Activate the “Monitoring Mode” whenever you want to continue quantifying your campaign but avoid blocking fraudulent traffic.

Detects invalid traffic from any source

With SKUDO as your ally, reach genuine audiences and maximize the effectiveness of your mobile ad campaigns. No need to worry about invalid traffic undermining your efforts. Rest assured, your advertising on Google, Facebook, and other platforms is protected against fraud.

Discover our powerful features

Fraud templates

Save your fraud filtering settings to apply them to different offers.

Monitoring mode

You decide what to do with the rejected traffic. You can block it or simply monitor the results.

Postback to providers

Maintain open and transparent communication with your media partners by sending postback to all your suppliers.


Get full access to all the raw fraud data measured by SKUDO to break it down, analyze it and make smarter decisions.

Advanced analysis

Analyze campaigns and offers using filters to draw conclusions.

Real-time data

Your fraud detection is delivered in real time, whether the volumes are small or very large.

Mobile ad fraud detection and prevention suite FAQ’s

How does SKUDO's mobile ad fraud fetection and prevention tool work

SKUDO utilises advanced algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data and detect fraudulent activities in real-time. Our tool identifies suspicious patterns, anomalies, and irregularities, allowing you to pinpoint fraudulent sources and take immediate action. With SKUDO, you can proactively prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of your mobile advertising campaigns.

What types of mobile ad fraud does SKUDO detect?

SKUDO is designed to combat various forms of mobile ad fraud, including click fraud as click Injection or bots clicks, install fraud or SDK spoofing, attribution fraud, and impression fraud. Our comprehensive solution covers a wide range of fraudulent activities to safeguard your campaigns and marketing investments.

Can SKUDO integrate with my existing ad platforms?

Absolutely! SKUDO seamlessly integrates with popular ad platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other ad networks. Whether you’re running campaigns on multiple platforms or focusing on a specific one, SKUDO has got you covered. Our easy-to-use integrations ensure that you can continue managing your campaigns within your preferred platforms while benefiting from SKUDO’s powerful fraud detection capabilities.

How can SKUDO help improve my mobile ad campaign performance?

By detecting and preventing mobile ad fraud, SKUDO ensures that your ad budget is spent on real engagements and conversions. By eliminating fraudulent activities, SKUDO helps you achieve higher click-through rates, better targeting accuracy, and improved campaign performance. With our tool, you can focus your resources on real users and achieve the results you deserve.

Ready to get full control of your mobile traffic?